What is Allayo?

You already have too many things to juggle in your day. And you still need to squeeze in your health care. Don’t let that busy schedule risk your family’s health. With the Allayo Virtual Health Assistant “Allie” you have someone to help you with health care for the whole family.

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Health Care is Hard Work

Arranging health care can be more uncomfortable than the prodding we get in the exam room. And there’s a lot to manage for an average family: preventative care, dental, vision, lab work, vaccinations, medications and supplements. Allayo helps you pull together your personal health care “to do” list, and then we make the arrangements for you. Now your mobile device is a health care control center for the whole family. See your plan and see it through, with Allayo.

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  • Manage your health “to do’s”
  • Send you reminders
  • Order and refill prescriptions
  • Schedule appointments
  • Arrange for tests and labwork
  • Home delivery

How it Works

Allie is our virtual health assistant – a mobile app with a big plus. Allie helps you with reminders for medications and supplements, and easier access to appointments with your doctor, dentist and therapists. And Allie rewards you for your healthy behaviors with incentives and gifts. You can also ask Allie to find savings on your medications and supplements. See a your health care history.  Get daily health care tips. The big plus is a certified medical assistant who will take care of the details when human intervention is needed. It’s like having your own personal assistant for health care right on your phone.

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Your Health is Our Focus

Allayo makes sure your family can easily plan for and access quality health care, while we work to save you time and money. Less than half of us get the recommended preventative care we need, over 50% of people occasionally miss on their medications and over 80% of employees say they’re too busy for their wellness programs. Don’t risk your family’s health because of a busy schedule. Allayo is here to make sure your family’s health care is cared for.

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We Can Save You Money On:

  • Brand and Generics
  • Supplements
  • Blood Tests
  • Vision Care
  • Dental Care